Point-HD Telestrator with IPad


This guide is intended for users who wish to use the iPad as a touch screen interface with the Point-HD.

System Concept

The Point-HD user interface is replicated onto the iPad(s) via a high speed wireless datalink, this then allows the presenter to interact with the Point-HD via the Ipad's Touch Screen.

This has a number of advantages, the main one being that the presenter can be mobile around the floor rather than fixed at a particular position.

Please note, that since the only way to connect with the iPad is via a wireless link, HD video playback and frame rates are not as high as when the video is being displayed on the Point-HD computer. However, since most Telestration is performed with a still or video freeze / pause, this may not be such a problem for most applications.

ipad telestrator


Items Required

Computer running Point-HD

High Speed Wireless (N Type) Router


VNC Server Application (Ultra VNC)

VNC Pocket Office Pro Application


Installation and Setup Guidelines

1. Connect the computer running Point-HD Trainer directly to the router via a CAT5/6 cable.

2. Assign a Static IP address to the computer running Point-HD via the routers MAC address setup.

3. Download and install the VNC Server application onto the computer running Point-HD, ensure that the VNC servers ports are set as per defaults.

4. Purchase the VNC Pocket Office Pro application via iTunes and install onto the iPad2.

5. On the Routers setup, assign the VNC server and its default port numbers to the Point-HD computers static IP address (also known as port forwarding).

6. Launch the VNC Pocket Office Pro on the iPad2 and enter the IP address of the computer running Point-HD as a connection, once connected you are good to go with controlling the Point-HD via the iPad2.


Telestrator on IPad

If you would like to use the IPad with Point-HD Trainer, then please click on the link below for further information and a set up guide.

telestrator on ipad

Right click on the link below and choose "Save Target As"

Point-HD IPad Interface User Guide PDF